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Strings AttachedFrom BOOKS TO WATCH OUT FOR by RICHARD LABONTE, Volume 4 number 1 - Adolescence is a hazardous way of life for 17-year-old Jeremy Tyler; his father died in a mysterious accident when he was a child, and his mother has since descended into alcoholic hell and forced rehab; that's when he's sent from the Fresno slums of his childhood to the posh estate of his overbearing great aunt Katherine and her censorious husband - liberated from an economic prison, only to land in an emotional one - and is overwhelmed by the change. It's not easy for him to fit into the upper crust, particularly because he's trying to hide how much he's attracted to other boys. Jeremy's story of breaking free from the strands of dishonesty, deceit, and self-doubt has its parallels to the tale of Pinocchio, but Nolan's queer take is totally contemporary: think the TV series The OC - girls with mean cheekbones, well-built guys with snotty attitudes, and Jeremy in the role of a queer Ryan Atwood. He's a good-looking kid, with a sleek swimmer's physique - and the swim team's champ is out to get him. He dates one of the smart-set girls in an attempt to keep his gay hormones at bay - but that doesn't do him much good. Nolan's debut novel is a kitchen sink of genres - coming of age, coming out, mystery, romance, erotica, even a dash of the supernatural - that add up to an impressive story about the passage from boyhood to manhood.

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  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: AmazonEncore (March 9, 2010)
  • Language: English

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Budding novelist Nick Nolan wrote his first mystery in 5th grade and kept angst-ridden journals (featuring lots of sad poetry) during his teen years, but then had to surrender his dream of becoming a writer to fund college. While building a happy life with his partner Jaime, Nick earned two degrees, worked extensively with homeless youth, rescued dogs, restored two homes, traveled extensively through Mexico, and owned scores of unusual cars -- including a Dodge Challenger once used in the Mod Squad television series.

This review is from: Strings Attached (Paperback)
Who is this guy? Yeah. Nick Nolan seemingly comes out of nowhere to serve up the can't-put-it-down read I've been craving. I often wonder when gay fiction will just be fiction (sans "gay") and this book takes us one step closer. Nolan has crafted a page turner that pulled me in with just enough intrigue and seduction that I didn't really want it to end. The book is a fun read, perfect for a long flight or lounging around over a weekend. The storyline, without giving it away, reminded me a bit of the noir essence from the works from Felice Picano, while also delivering the steamiest flesh from watching the OC (with the volume off). Nolan's attention to detail is refreshing--he knows what he writes. I noted that Nolan gives thanks to the late Paul Monette am certain had Monette lived to read this book he would smile upon finishing the last page, knowing that the depth and emotion he shared in his own works has indeed influenced others. Check it out.

This review is from: Strings Attached (Kindle Edition)
I found Nick Nolan's STRINGS ATTACHED to be a juicy story from start to finish. The characters come to life (you can virtually see the cinematic equivalent on every page) and the story of coming out--bumps and all--is told with a certain gracefulness that is often lacking in so-called "gay books." STRINGS ATTACHED feels a bit old-fashioned in the best way possible: full of heart but something you could show your young nephew without thinking twice. A testament to emotional life rather than just the externals of outlandish behavior. The book's hero, Jeremy Tyler, is an immediate draw; we are engaged in his travails and root for him at every turn. Other characters, including his taut Aunt Katherine are etched with equal panache if not always as likable (as it should be). A winner of a book from first time novelist Nick Nolan. I look forward to the sequel with sincerity.

This review is from: Strings Attached (Paperback)
Beautifully written coming-of-age story filled with wonderful elements and characters. Intriguing story line - loved the rags to riches aspect. Even knowing that it was going to parallel the Pinocchio fable did not take away from the book, but simply made it more beautiful and meaningful. All of the characters were well-written and "real", and I especially loved the relationship between Jeremy and Arthur.

Although it is an adult novel, I think that many young adults (late high-school and college-aged) will find this story to be very real for them, and perhaps more honest and true than what they see in the movies or on television, whether they are gay or straight. (Kids deal with more at a younger age than my generation ever did at that age.) I liked the honest approach Mr. Nolan took from Jeremy's viewpoint on determining both his own sexual preferences and the type of man he wanted to become.

I look forward to reading more from Nick Nolan.

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